Interested in writing for Modern Homesteading Magazine?

Thank you for your interest in submitting content to Modern Homesteading Magazine!

Our goal with the Modern Homesteading Magazine blog and digital and print publication is to feature homesteaders from all walks of life and all corners of the Earth, and showcase the diverse range of knowledge that this community has to share!

If you would like to submit writing and/or photography for consideration, please first read through the following guidelines and protocols, then fill out this submission form.

General Content Submission Guidelines

We welcome content submissions for our free blog, as well as for our digital and print editions if the content submitted is considered to be of a high enough quality for the digital and print publication.

Types of Content We Accept:

  • Feature articles (photos optional)
  • Tested recipes (with high quality accompanying photos)
  • Tutorials for DIY projects (with high quality accompanying photos)

Topics of Interest:

Feature articles can be about any subject related to homesteading and self-sufficient living, including (but not limited to):

  • Organic gardening
  • Farming
  • Raising livestock
  • Natural living
  • Herbal medicine
  • Cooking from scratch (with traditional, unprocessed ingredients)
  • Food preservation
  • Preparedness
  • Sustainable living 
  • and more!

Feature articles may also be personal stories and musings about homesteading; For example, you may wish to tell an interesting story of how you became a modern homesteader and what that journey has looked like for you, or write a thought-provoking piece about lessons you’ve learned on the homestead. However, do keep in mind that content must appeal to other readers, so you should always strive to make relatable points and/or share wisdom or advice that readers can “take away” from your story.

While we fully expect that some internet research will be necessary for most in-depth topics, we do ask that you have some hands-on experience with whatever you’re writing about.

In other words, you must be walking the walk, not just talking the talk!

That being said, we welcome homesteaders of all experience levels and at all points in their journey. Whether you’re just getting started and you still live in a city apartment, or you’re an experienced homesteader with multiple acres and a milk cow. The world of homesteading (and the people in it) are incredibly diverse, and that’s exactly what we aim to showcase!

* A note about politics: While we understand that many aspects of the modern homesteading movement are political or ideological in nature, we do ask that you refrain from submitting content that is overtly political or ideological, or that is purposely divisive. However we welcome thought-provoking, controversial content, so please don’t be afraid to share your opinion and speak your mind in a respectful, well-argued way!

Article Submission Guidelines

If one of your story ideas is selected, you’ll be asked to submit an article between 800 and 2,000 words (depending on the topic/subject matter).

We believe that an article should be given as many words as it needs to effectively convey a message, teach people a new skill or evoke an emotional response. We leave it to our writers to determine their own word counts, but ask that each article be no fewer than 800 words, and no more than (roughly) 2,000 words. If you have a feature article you’d like to write that you think will be more than 2,000 words, let us know and we’ll discuss it!

All articles submitted MUST be edited and ready for publishing.

Please edit your writing for spelling/grammatical errors, typos, flow, clarity and redundancy. We recommend reading it back to yourself out loud at least once, and having someone else read it and provide feedback before submitting.

All articles are subject to a final review by our editorial team and may be sent back for revision, or may be edited further by our team if necessary. If there are any major edits made by us (ie. additional information added or wording drastically changed), we will let you know and get your final approval before publishing. 

All articles must be your original work and cannot be published anywhere else word-for-word.

You will also need to submit a short bio (one paragraph) along with a high quality headshot to run alongside your article. We will then create an author profile for you on our website which will accompany all of your published articles.


If you’re submitting a recipe, please ensure the recipe uses only whole food ingredients (no brand-name or ultra-processed ingredients) and please include a short article to accompany the recipe (not just the recipe itself). If it’s a family recipe, please share the story behind it! If not, please share other interesting details that might entice someone to try it. For an example of a good recipe post, click here.

*As a side note, recipes cannot be copyrighted, so it’s okay to use a recipe that is the same or similar as someone else’s, however we do ask that you have tested the recipe yourself and adapted it slightly if possible to make it your own. This is not always possible with precise recipes like some bread, baking or canning recipes, but please do your due diligence to not just copy someone else’s recipe exactly. Also, if you adapted it from another source like a cookbook or blog, please cite the source.

For canning recipes, it is very important that recipes comply with up-to-date safety guidelines. For the most up-to-date canning information, check out the National Center For Home Food Preservation.

Photo Submission Guidelines

We encourage you to submit your own high-quality photos to accompany your article, This is especially important if submitting a recipe or personal story that stock photos won’t do justice to.

Photos should be high resolution and a minimum 300 dpi. Submit only high-resolution original photos as JPEGs.


Please do not submit stock photos and absolutely no Google images, etc. 

Please include photo credits (if you took the photos, let us know, and if someone else took them, please share their name for a photo credit).

If other people appear in your photos, please provide their names along with…

Please also include a short caption/description for each photo. (If submitting multiple similar photos, like for a recipe, one caption for the lot will suffice).

Photos may be published elsewhere, but please let us know if they are and where.

*If your photography skills aren’t great, you don’t need to submit photos along with your article. But please let us know up front if you plan on submitting photos or not as this helps us to prepare and determine if the article you plan to submit will still work with our stock photos.

Accuracy of Information

While we do our best to edit and fact-check articles, we are not able to fact-check every part of an article and trust you, as the writer, to do sufficient research to ensure your articles are factual and that the information is accurate.

While you don’t need to include sources for all of your information, please do include sources (with links) to any specific facts that you attribute to a third party (ie. if you include statistics or say “According to a recent study…,” please include a link to those statistics or to that study!)

Also, if your article includes quotes, please ensure they are in quotation marks, written word-for-word and attributed correctly.


Here at Modern Homesteading Magazine, we totally get that people are busy! Writers and content creators in our community are also busy with their homesteads, jobs, families and a million other things in life!

While we will agree on a general deadline, we understand that strict deadlines cannot always be met and we are flexible with content being submitted to the blog. Please just let us know in advance if you can’t met an agreed upon deadline and usually this will not be a problem, however do keep in mind that some posts are seasonal, so in some rare cases we may decide to hold your content for publishing at a later date if it’s too late in the season to publish. (Ie. If you submit a blueberry jam recipe in November, we may hold it until the following summer for publishing).

If you are specifically submitting content for an upcoming digital/print issue of the magazine, getting work in on deadline is much more important, however this is one reason why we ask that you submit to the blog first before we decide if we will publish your content in the digital/print version of the magazine.

Legal Stuff

There are a lot of legalities when it comes to publishing content, and we strive to ensure that every piece of content we publish meets the legal requirements. Plagiarism is a serious offence, which is why it’s so important to only submit original work.

Of course you may use other content as inspiration! But please ensure wording and photos/images are your own.

If selected for publication, you will be asked to sign a writer’s agreement to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Publication and Compensation

If all of the above requirements are met, we will let you know when we will be publishing your article and will send you a link to the published article as soon as it’s available. 

If your content is selected for publishing in the digital and/or print version of the magazine, you will be contacted ahead of time and will be sent a complimentary digital copy of the magazine issue your content appears in once it has been published.

All articles are submitted on a voluntary basis, however while we do not provide compensation for articles selected for publishing on the blog, we do provide compensation for any articles selected for publishing in the digital and/or print version of Modern Homesteading Magazine.

If your article is selected for publishing in an upcoming digital/print edition of Modern Homesteading Magazine, we will contact you to inform you and to discuss appropriate compensation and get your payment details. Payments are typically made via PayPal.

While compensation for content published in the digital/print editions may vary depending on article length/type, as well as number of high quality original photos selected for publication, you can expect anywhere from $75 USD for a short article (ie. a recipe post) up to $150 USD for a feature article and $10 USD per high quality photo published.

Compensation will be provided upon publishing of the digital version of the issue in which your content appears.

Promotion of Your Own Content

We welcome and encourage you to link to your own website, blog, YouTube channel, social media channels and/or products!

While we ask that you keep links to a minimum (around 3 to 5 links per post, depending on length) and only insert them where it makes sense, we are happy to help you promote your own blog or business by getting it in front of our audience.

We also encourage you to link your blog/business/social media channels and shamelessly self-promote in your author bio!

We do not accept affiliate links to third party products, however, unless explicitly agreed upon as we have our own affiliate relationships to uphold. If you wish to include a third party affiliate link (to a product you don’t own/didn’t create yourself), please let us know the details and we will review the request.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

We do not have the time or resources to reply to every email inquiry personally, especially if the information you’re searching for has been covered in this document, so please read over the entire document first.

We look forward to working with you and publishing your content! If you’re ready to proceed to the next step, please fill out this submission form and if we like one or more of your ideas and feel you are a good fit for the Modern Homesteading Magazine brand and publication, we’ll be in touch ASAP!