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  • How to forage and use five common edible and medicinal weeds
  • A sustainable, affordable alternative to traditional homes, greenhouses and more
  • Tips for managing a homestead while raising a family (big or small!)
  • What to focus on when preserving food for true food security
  • How to grow and arrange your own cut flowers at home
  • The many ways to preserve summer berries (including 5 delicious recipes!)
  • How to make your own all-natural herbal hair care products at home
  • Why “community sufficiency” is the new self-sufficiency
  • And more!

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Who is Modern Homesteading Magazine for?

There’s a common misconception that in order to be a homesteader, you need 10 acres and a milk cow. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Homesteading is a mindset, first and foremost.

It’s an attitude of resilience and resourcefulness; A lifestyle based on the values self-reliance and sustainability.

Whether you live in the city and grow a few herbs on your balcony, have a few backyard chickens in the suburbs or live in the country and have a larder full of enough home-canned food to survive the apocalypse, if living a more homemade, homegrown, self-sufficient lifestyle is important to you, Modern Homesteading Magazine was made for you!

Meet the Editor

I’m Anna, and I’m a city girl turned  modern homesteader who’s passionate about growing, cooking and preserving real food at home, creating my own herbal medicine and all-natural home and body care products, and working toward a simpler, more sustainable, more self-sufficient life each and every day. And I’m equally passionate about helping others do the same!

I’ve been blogging about homesteading for the past 5 years, and while I LOVE sharing weekly homesteading-related content with my readers, I wanted to dive deeper into seasonally-themed topics and offer a more immersive reading experience for members of my community. 

Modern Homesteading Magazine was born out of this idea and aims to offer readers seasonal homesteading advice and inspiration that goes beyond a single blog post.

Whether you’ve been homesteading forever or you’re still just dreaming of a simpler, more self-sufficient life, each new issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine is all about helping and encouraging you on your homesteading journey, no matter where you are or how much experience you’ve got.

I love the visual beauty of Modern Homesteading Magazine. The photos are so real and so informative. The stories show me how many people choose the homesteading lifestyle and how truly varied the philosophy can be expressed. Anna is amazing and chooses to connect with us in ways that are equal to the perfect friendship.

Deb Ilardi

I really enjoy reading and learning about topics on fermentation, herb gardening, spices, sourdough, and canning. There are definitely great varieties of recipes to choose from such as the cinnamon buns and beef stew. It is great that you interview a lot of interesting people who are homesteading.

Linda Longtin

I love the simple and effective, beautifully presented advice I get from the Modern Homesteading magazine. The bite-sized chunks of information are delivered in an encouraging and friendly way that helps me to feel confident trying new things. Thanks Anna, for your guidance on my homesteading journey!

Jenny Inker

I so enjoy this magazine and I love the subjects covered in each issue. Not only is this magazine fun to read but it is full of helpful information.

– Loralyn Engel

Modern Homesteading Magazine is such a great source of information and inspiration. The articles are in depth, with loads of practical information. The variety of information is wonderful and I am always inspired to do something new.

– Colleen Bukach

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