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Modern Homesteading Magazine is your resource for helping you create, grow and live a good life from scratch! 

Modern Homesteading Magazine is your resource for helping you create, grow and live a good life from scratch! 

There’s a common misconception that in order to be a homesteader, you need 10 acres and a milk cow. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Homesteading is a mindset, first and foremost.

It’s an attitude of resilience and resourcefulness; A lifestyle based on the values self-reliance and sustainability.

Whether you live in the city and grow a few herbs on your balcony, have a few backyard chickens in the suburbs or live in the country and have a larder full of enough home-canned food to survive the apocalypse, if living a more homemade, homegrown, self-sufficient lifestyle is important to you, Modern Homesteading Magazine was made for you!

Each issue includes…

Seasonally-themed advice and inspiration on everything from farming and gardening to cooking and preserving to natural remedies, handmade holidays, preparedness, sustainability and more!

Interviews with other prominent homesteaders and advice from experts in the field.

Exclusive recipes, DIY projects, special offers and content not available anywhere else!

but wait, there’s more…

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About the Editor

Anna Sakawsky is a born and raised city girl turned modern homesteader with a passion for sustainable, self-sufficient living. In 2017, Anna started her blog The House & Homestead, where she shares recipes, ideas and information on growing, cooking and preserving food at home, using herbs, creating all-natural home and body products and simple steps that anyone can take to live a more self-sufficient life.

Anna launched the first issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine in September 2019 as an extension of her blog, The House & Homestead. Over the years it grew from a niche, monthly publication into a robust, quarterly digital magazine and culminated in a final special edition issue featuring the best of the first 32 issues published (also the first ever issue available in print!)

While Anna decided to end publication of Modern Homesteading Magazine in October, 2023 in order to focus on her family and other projects, you can still gain access to all 33 issues when you purchase the All-Access Pass. Anna continues to publish fresh content on the Modern Homesteading Magazine blog.